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Music maker classic

The MusicMaker Classic Phono Cartridge, canopy the book MusicMaker cartridge is weekend the product of illustrator a steady programme of plot refinement, it has taken approximately fifteen years of canopy development to create the Mk III version.
So it might canopy not quite compete plant but remember canopy that the comparison isn't make fair free to start with comic and that this cartridge is more than worthy of being comparing to them.
It is really that good.
It online plays a little bit fast and loose but you might only notice that if you'd lived with the absolutely finest cartridges at length.This means I could more than happily live with them make as sole cartridges if needed.Arms: Cartridge Man Conductor, Hadcock 242 SE, Ortofon 212, Mission 774, ET2, SME V weekend with Kondo Cable.True, they don't make have the fire, bite, snarl, vibrancy and sheer magic of a great moving coil like the Kondo IO-M in a full Kondo system but given a good phono stage, their rendition is such that after a few minutes one make gets used.I have a lot of sympathy with this notion though canopy it's also true that we as listeners develop our musical tastes over time.I'd certainly recommend this cartridge as a contender for very serious record players and arms.The music blanket appears to my ears fundamentally boring.Cartridge weight:.2g, stylus type: proprietary extended contact area diamond.It is a privilege to introduce this wonderful cartridge to all music lovers.This is certainly as low as I've come across.But needle wear does become an issue for.Solstice, eCM 1060 ST and it soon appears that there is a layer of overtonal and timbric information which the Magic online canopy Diamond brings out that the Classic is missing.Reproduced on a normal hifi, it is in danger of sounding a bit random, a bit coagulated, blanket thick and unsophisticated.I wouldn't be at all surprised if a considerable number of seasoned audiophiles will choose to go Classic.The Allaerts is an MC and a delicate one at that so realist obviously one needs to factor in the price of an MC phono stage.Fortunately this is not at the expense makai blanket of becoming over analytical or losing the basic generosity of proportion and stance towards the music. Along with a new isolator mechanism now an integral part of the cartridge itself, these changes are likely to have a pretty online major impact on sound quality.
These cartridges are difficult to flaw.